Jurassic Survival 1.1.23 for Android

Jurassic Survival
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Software version:1.1.23
Category: Action / Survival
Date of update: 19-09-2018, 00:00
Android version: 4 +
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Game description:

Jurassic Survival is a free MMORPG survival game in which either you hunt and survive, or you become a prey in a wild and inhospitable world. Waking up in the shade of palm leaves on the damp earth, you can not remember how they ended up here. The only hope is to become stronger and more cunning than the lizards that reign on earth, an untouched civilization. You can rely only on yourself and your companions in a desperate struggle for existence, where a cold-blooded killer waits for each bush.

Notes for the hunter:
  • Predators everywhere! Use all your knowledge against dinosaurs and wildlife. Remember the hunter does not ask permission from the extraction.
  • Your house is your fortress. Rely on your shelter and lethal weapons to survive all the hardships and hardships: build strong walls, set traps, create more effective equipment for hunting.
  • Open up new spaces for exploration! You still have to find out what monstrous secrets are hidden in the mangrove jungle. It remains only to move forward!
  • Join the gangs (clans) Dinosaurs combine in packs for hunting. Follow their example and find out who will remain outside the line of natural selection.
  • Learn the habits of predators. It's much easier to deal with the enemy, knowing his habits.
  • Do not give up! Be prepared to face difficulties. Lack of water, food and cold will not leave a chance in the cruel world of primitive laws.
Do not forget! Every step you take has consequences, and the wrong decision can lead to fatal consequences. Trust, but with caution! Yesterday a neighbor shared food with you, and today he will throw a flock of raptors to eat just to get his feet off.
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