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Software version:0.1
Category: Arcade / RPG / Adventures
Date of update: 19-09-2018, 00:00
Android version: 4 +
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Game description:

This is an unofficial port!

Little Isaac and his mother live happily in a small house on a hill. Isaac draws pictures and plays with toys while his mother watches Christian programs on TV. Isaac's mother suddenly hears a" voice from heaven", narrating that her son is defiled by sins and must be saved. He asks the woman to remove all the evil from Isaac, to save him. Mother obeys and takes away from his son all his toys, drawings, game console, even clothes, and apparently, he is circumcised. The voice again turns to Isaac's mother and tells her to cut off the son's connection with the evil of this world. She again obeys and locks Isaac in his room. But the voice addressed her again. He praises her for obedience, but he is still not sure of her devotion and demands that Isaac be sacrificed. She obeys, grabs a cutting knife and heads to her son's room. Isaac, watching this through a crack in the door, begins to panic. He finds the hatch, hidden under the carpet and immediately jumps into it, just at the moment when the mother opens the door.
On the loading screens, Isaac is shown sobbing in the embryo's pose. His thoughts can be observed. They range from a mother's rejection of her son and peer abuse to the stage of his own death. The game has 4 endings. With the release of the supplement Rebirth appeared the last - 5 ending. The final boss is Lahendres.
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