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Dark Frontier Free
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Software version:1.7.2
Category: Arcade / Strategies
Date of update: 5-06-2019
Android version: 4 +
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Game description:

Dark Frontier - an exciting strategy at the junction of the genres of Tower Defense and RPG. The action takes place in a dark forest: the hero's favorite tavern is attacked by unpleasant scum, the player’s task is to destroy the monsters and not allow them to burn down the house.

Monsters attack from two sides: left and right. The weakest, if they are not destroyed, are thrown into the tavern with stones. Those that are stronger are hurling poisoned muck. With each hit, damage is inflicted on the house, and at some point it ignites. It is important not to let enemies close to the tavern, and for this you have to run from one end of the playing field to the other. It is good that the hero's energy during this time has time to recover. At any time, the game can be paused and look around, where the enemies are, how many are there, and how close they got to the tavern.

With the development of the plot, one character replaces the other, and new types of weapons and defenses appear in the virtual store. Earned money in the game can also be spent on the purchase and "pumping" assistants. They know how to fight on their own, and move only where the player directs them, so you need to constantly monitor whether they are standing where they are needed. Management is convenient: choose a hero, click on the place where you want to move him, he runs there. However, sometimes from pressing the game is mistakenly paused, which is a bit annoying. If the gameplay seems slow and boring, you can speed it up with a button with two triangles in a circle.

Dark frontier

Monsters attack in waves and almost always in crowds. First, the weak go to battle, then all the more powerful enemies. After each broken wave, a new defensive opportunity appears: they propose to buy another warrior, a spike trap, put a wall, use a spell and the like. It’s better not to refuse

The game is built on the Unity engine, and this is noticeable by drawing graphics and high-quality detailing of objects: you can clearly see every leaf on a tree and on the ground, a flame of fire, bloodied wounds of monsters and even moths circling around a lantern. The overview of the playing field is scaled, and the zoom does not affect the quality.

In the paid version of Dark Frontier there are ninety unique levels in three worlds on nine maps, more than thirty types of heroes, 38 types of enemies and nine bosses. Despite the fact that the game is paid and not cheap, it is proposed to make purchases of virtual goods. However, it is not necessary to do this, it is interesting to play without infusions of funds.

The free version of Dark Frontier contains the same number of heroes and enemies, and the number of cards is reduced three times and only one mode is available - for survival without saving the levels passed and the money earned. But there is no advertising or virtual goods.

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