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A boy or a girl?
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Date of update: 19-09-2018, 00:00
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Game description:

Appendix" Boy or girl?" helps to determine the sex of your unborn baby by several methods.

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With the application" Boy or girl: planning the sex of the child" you can more likely predict the sex of the future baby. There are many methods for planning the sex of the unborn child: the ancient Chinese table, the blood renewal, the Japanese method, the blood group and Rh factor, and so on.
What methods are included in the application?

1. On updating the blood group. As you know, the blood in the body of a woman is updated every 3 years, while in the body of a man - every 4 years. According to this technique, the blood of the parent, from whom it is" younger", will determine the sex of the child.

2. Determining the sex of the child by the blood group of the parents. The blood groups of the pair are compared. Some couples are more likely to conceive a boy, while others have a girl. For example, a man and a woman with a first blood group have a better chance of conceiving a girl, and the fourth owner should expect the birth of a boy. The Rh factor also has significance. If it is positive or negative for both parents, this is another" pro" in favor of the birth of a girl.

3. Ancient Chinese Table. This method is based on information about the age of the mother and the month of conception. Depending on the combination of these factors, the probability of the appearance of a child of a certain gender also changes.
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