RTCW4A 1.0 for Android

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Software version:1.0
Date of update: 5-06-2019
Android version: 4 +
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Game description:

RTCW4A - ported toy Return To Castle Wolfenstein.

Very popular and legendary toy in its time game, now available for all users of android devices. Gameplay is a first-person shooter, with quality textures. Many already know that you will be playing for an agent from the OSA organization.
The game supports working with Bluetooth and USB mouses. The port of the game is practically on all devices.
The exception is tegra 2.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a computer game, first-person shooter developed by id Software, Gray Matter Interactive, Nerve Software and published by Activision on November 20, 2001 exclusively for personal computers running Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS families.
The player will have to go to the shoes of Agent-2 from the Office of Secret Actions (OSA) organization named William "BJ" Blazkovich, who was the main character of Wolfenstein 3D.

The author of this port is me, the native part of the port is based on kwaak3, and I rewrote the JNI + Java part again because I could not put up with the curvature of kwaak3 (although, perhaps, I partially outdid it in terms of curvature). As you know, Return to Castle Wolfenstein under the GPL license, the source code will be available after publication on Google Play. However, until I will be satisfied with the rating on Google Play, I will send the source code only at the price of the carrier (in accordance with the license) and Russian Post ... well, you understand.
On HTC One X the port is quite tolerant (there was only one subsidence to 15 FPS for the whole game) and I passed the game on the phone B)

To start the game, you need to throw the Main folder from the folder with the PC game in / sdcard / rtcw4a / main
I hope you bought the original game (it's worth it), if so, do not forget to patch it to the latest version. Or buy the game on Steam like me.

Please do not insert direct links to pirated versions of the game in my post, this is not good. But links to messages with links - no problem.

Life update, and RTCW4A on Android UG802


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