Super Mario 1.1 for Android

Super Mario
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Software version:1.1
Date of update: 10-06-2019
Android version: 4 +
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Welcome to the Mario universe. The game "Super Mario Bros" is an absolute analogue of the legendary eponymous game from the time of the Dandy consoles. right now you can plunge into the atmosphere of complete nostalgia. True, there is a surprise waiting for you. In addition to the throat of childhood, you can choose a different mod and all the cards and Super Mario Bros levels will be available to you. But that's not all. In the "Editor" menu, you can create your own map and play on it. And now let's go back to the game. In the "Super Mario Bros" from the first level, you will find yourself in the land of mushrooms.

There is waiting for you is not the warmest reception. The evil mushrooms of Gumba and the tortoise of Kupa will wander around. You can kill Gumba by simply jumping on his head. But as for Kupy, it is a little more complicated here. If jumped on her head, she will hide in her shell. If you jump on the shell, Kupa will ride until you fall into the abyss. It can be used against enemies, but you should do it carefully and avoid collisions with Mario. At the next levels, new enemies will await you: the flying turtles of the Kupa Paratrup, the beetles with the studded Spayni armor, the cannons with the flying cores, the fish and the geeks on Lakita's little clouds. But at the end of each block of levels you will be met by a terrible and terrible Bowser.

Bowser is a huge mutant, half turtle and half dragon. He abducts Princess Peach all the time, and Mario comes to the rescue of a beautiful woman. You will be able to cope with any enemy with the help of some nice bonuses. Red mushroom will help you grow and grow in size. This will help to break brick blocks and get coins. The fire flower will arm Mario with fire bullets to kill his enemies. A bonus like a star is rare. But he gives Mario invulnerability and the power to kill enemies. Its action lasts only a few seconds. And now let's go for the adventures! Have a nice game!

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