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Date of update: 19-09-2018
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If you like intelligent games, have free time, but do not know what to do - the game Pino is just for you. This is a small interesting game that is easier than chess, but deeper than checkers. It will surprise you with its simplicity and at the same time a multitude of options for logical chains.

Pino is a logical board game based on tactics and strategy. The game develops imagination, concentrates attention, teaches you to solve set tasks, plan your actions and of course to think logically.
No matter how many chips you have, the main thing is how they are placed - this is the main principle of the game.

MAIN OBJECTIVE: to capture KING opponent. The KING chip is indicated by a dark label on the center. If gray chips are involved in the game, then the player that grabs most of the gray chips wins.

The secret of a good game: no matter how many chips you have, the main thing is how they are placed!
  • Try it Do not pay attention to the color of chips, and focus on their placement. Keep them together. Try to divide and push the opponent's ROI from most of the chips.
  • When you attack the opponent's KOL, he must defend himself, which means that you have the ability to continue to attack during the next turn.
  • If the opponent's KING tightly surrounded by chips, try to grab them and drag them away from the king and from other chips so that he can not hide behind them.
At the beginning the player helps to understand what and where the help hand, then a couple of tens of tasks for logic, fully prepare it for the main game. The main game is already a game on an equal footing with the computer. It is in the main game you will understand all its meaning and depth. Good game!

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