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Sniper's path
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Software version:1.0
Category: Simulators
Date of update: 19-09-2018, 00:00
Android version: 4 +
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Game description:

Game - simulator of sniper shooting. If you always wanted to play in such a shooter, where the bullet flies in accordance with the law of physics and where you need to consider the shot's range for an accurate hit, this game is for you.
The game reveals secrets of shooting for long distances. To learn how to shoot it is not necessary to keep real weapons in hand, it's enough to practice with its virtual counterpart.

The feature of the game is a realistic ballistic shot and close to realistic weapons parameters, including aiming grid, flywheels of sighting corrections. On the trajectory of the flight, the bullets are influenced by: atmospheric parameters, the type of cartridge, the angle of the target site, the characteristics of the weapon. Everything is difficult here: to discover the goal, to hit the target, not to let yourself be discovered.

In the process of the game it is necessary to participate in the battles on the cards, where the success depends on how correctly the player was able to estimate the distance to the target and make corrections for range, wind, anticipation, derivation, etc. ... The experience gained for the fight , can be spent on researching new weapons. The game presents several types of weapons: SVD, VSK-94, BSS, VSKK, SVU, SV-98, M40-A5, M110, AWM. ORSIS-T5000

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